Gwadar Golf City


A renowned and gorgeous housing development in Gwadar called Golf City is under construction. The builders of this home property are BSM Builders, skilled at creating unique and alluring property development projects. Additionally, the developers want to construct anything that raises regional productivity.  The Gwader is the key to producing greater financial rewards. As a result, the gated community there will contribute to increasing the value of real property investments. Finally, keep reading to learn more about the dwelling Society.

Owner & developers

The BSM builders have built this spectacular residential community to stimulate the national economy. Additionally, the builders are renowned for constructing exceptional residential properties such as the New Metro City. Further, the CPEC will strengthen the fundamental partnership with China. Additionally, the CEO of the business, Bilal Bashir Malik, comes from a family with a solid reputation in this industry. As a result, they enjoy the confidence and faith of customers both locally and internationally. Finally, buying here will enable anyone to reap greater financial rewards. The Gwadar Golf City Developers-05

Location & Map

The most endearing aspect of this housing estate is the site. Additionally, the builders selected this site to enable shareholders and potential residents to create valuable assets. Additionally, the property's location on the major thoroughfare, which connects to all major areas, makes it very approachable. And as everyone knows, before making a significant real estate investment, all buyers search for this crucial component. Additionally, the developer must consider a unique site that appeals to most buyers, such as NMC Khrian & Gujar Khan. As a result, one can conclude that this housing initiative will shape real estate investing in the future. Location of Ghawadar Golf City

How To Access

  • Thirty kilometres from the Iran border
  • Thirty kilometres from the Gawadar Green Palm
  • Fifty kilometres from Seaport and Aiport

Nearby Sites

  • CPEC Routes
  • Jinnah Avenue II
  • Moua Gunz
  • Deep Sea Port
  • Moua Paleri
  • Oil Refinery
  • Economic Zone
  • Cantonment Area
  • Gwadar International Airport

Gwadar Golf City NOC

Whenever selecting a long-term venture, legitimacy is fundamental. The NOC is an important document that instils customers' trust and faith. Therefore, the builders of this beautiful real estate project must ensure that this neighbourhood is a prudent and worthwhile investment. Additionally, the Gwadar Development Authority's clearance of the Gwader Golf City NOC. Therefore, if buyers want to invest in real estate, this housing project would be the finest choice in Pakistan.

New Metro City Mandi Bahuddin

Gwadar Golf City Master Plan

The developers of the projects have provided recognized amenities and conveniences to the occupants and buyers. Additionally, this area has some residences wherein future inhabitants can live peacefully and serenely. The builders must also offer a range of homes to all buyers, allowing them to select plots following their tastes. And all of these residences come with top-notch amenities. Both dwelling and business properties are part of the master plan. Master Plan of Ghawadar Golf City

Finally, here are the specification of the plots are

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal

Gwadar Golf City Payment Plan

The first thing a prospective buyer looks at when considering an investment in the project is the pricing of the property. Additionally, considering the services and advantages of this residential project, the financing schedule is very affordable and cost-effective. Additionally, some property is available here to satisfy the buyers' needs. And the prices for all of these residences are reasonable. In addition, the availability of an instalment plan has encouraged investors to undertake a lengthy and worthwhile investment in property.
  • The 5-Marla plot costs Rs 750,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 225,000/-. Moreover, the thirty-six instalment costs Rs 14,583/-
  • The 8-Marla plot costs Rs 1,100,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 330,000/-. Moreover, the thirty-six instalment costs Rs 21,389/-
  • The 10-Marla plot costs Rs 1,130,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 390,000/-. Moreover, the thirty-six instalment costs Rs 25,278/-
  • The 1-Kanal plot costs Rs 2,200,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 660,000/-. Moreover, the thirty-six instalment costs Rs 42,778/-
  • The 1-Kanal (Exclusive Facing Golf Course) plot costs Rs 3,000,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 750,000/-. Moreover, the thirty-six instalment costs Rs 42,778/-
  • The 2-Kanal (Exclusive Facing Golf Course) plot costs Rs 5,000,000/-. The deposit costs Rs 1,000,000/-. Moreover, the thirty-six instalment costs Rs 250,000/-

Gwadar Golf City Amenities

the Society not only offers beautiful housing at affordable prices,  but this dwelling plan also offers a variety of facilities. But in addition, all of these amenities will be priced affordably.

Basic Commodities

The builders ensure that each resident can access the most luxurious lifestyle possible. Additionally, all the necessities will be at a reasonable cost. Most crucially, all of these will be accessible around the clock. Moreover, the entire neighbourhood has access to the fresh and constant availability of water, gas, and power. As a result, investment here will be tremendous.

Gated Community

The developers have provided all occupants with a secure setting by the developers. Additionally, the installation of Surveillance Cameras would enable the documentation of all activity within the neighbourhood. Further, the security personnel will be on duty to help in a crisis.

Investment Opportunity

The preponderance of the incoming people will have access to the business properties that are accessible here. Additionally, the commercial enterprise will expand to a new magnitude because of its advantageous location. Additionally, the developers have offered various investment properties here, allowing buyers to launch the type of business they desire. Additionally, all of these buildings are reasonably priced.

Sustainable Environment

In this housing development, a forestry expansion will be ongoing. Additionally, the builders adhere to worldwide urban city planning guidelines that promote efficient building techniques and minimize waste. Therefore, we can conclude that this property investment project benefits the environment.

Aesthetic Infrastructure

The architects construct high-quality infrastructures to enable inhabitants to lead affluent and abundant lives. Additionally, the instance of investment opportunities will aid in increasing lead generation. Living here could therefore contribute to advancing a luxurious and ecological standard of living.

Gwadar Golf City Features

The features of this private project are fantastic. The builders of this condominium property also give future occupants all the best amenities. Here are a few of them.
  • Beautiful Setting
  • Affordability
  • Approved Society
  • Well-established Society
  • Well-known Developers
  • Top-notch Architecture
  • Schooling Facilities
  • Finest Healthcare Centre
  • Constant Security
  • Recreational Areas
  • Masjids
  • Power Grid
  • Cemetery
  • Appropriate Drainage System

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