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New Metro City Gujar khan, a massive new residential development in Gujar Khan, has attracted the interest of Pakistan's property investors. Additionally, it lies in the  Rawalpindi District, Punjab Province. Having investors from all around Pakistan interested in this Project is a huge step forward for the people of Gujar Khan. BSM Developers, whose previous work includes New Metro City in Kharian and Golf City in the coastal area Gawadar, has initiated the endeavour in the beautiful city of Gujar Khan. The Project has premium standards and high-end conveniences, and it does so at a reasonable cost. More importantly, the builders have launched payment plans, a massive boon for those with limited incomes in the Rawalpindi region who wish to construct the home of their desires.

Location Map of New Metro City Gujar Khan

First and foremost, a dwelling venture's position is crucial. Therefore, the developers have taken great care to locate this Project in the most excellent and convenient part of town. Its location on the GT Road makes it easily accessible from the surrounding area, close to the capital city of Islamabad. Moreover, the direct entry to The New Metro City Gujar Khan is on GT Road, while there are several more entrances from many other routes. New Metro City Gujar Khan's proximity to major thoroughfares in the twin cities makes getting around the city a breeze. This community offers a great place to live and do business. All of the essential conveniences and commercial centres are conveniently located close to one another because of the area's convenient connections and accessibility. For those in the market for a comfortable residence in the Islamabad area, this is an excellent investment prospect. Because of its central location and affordable rates, this residential venture stands out from other district societies. New Metro City Gujar Khan Location  

How to Access New Metro City Gujar Khan

Society is easily reachable, which is its great advantage. Customers can reach this Society by following the routes
  • At Grand Trunk Road of Gujar Khan
  • Five minutes from Gulyana Road
  • Seven minutes from Sukho Road
  • Nine minutes from Bewal Road-Gujar Khan
  • Fifteen minutes from Chakwal-Mandra Highway

Nearby Places & Landmarks

The Society developers have placed it perfectly. So many significant sites are around the magnificent projects. Some of these are
  • Banquet Hall City Palace
  • Main Gujar Khan City
  • Gujar Khan's Hospital THQ
  • Commerce College of Punjab
  • Women Government College
  • Bank UBL
  • Sarwar Shaheed College

New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC

The TMA has given the authorization of  New Metro City Gujar Khan NOC. The RDA has authorized the Society's design plan (LOP) and the accompanying LOP Clearance No. RDA |F-PHS-GRK-06/738. Because commercial plots have also integrated within the residential community, New Metro City's business plots are legitimate and approved to go ahead.

Master Plan of New Metro City Gujar Khan

New Metro City Gujar Khan master plan has comprised around the four thousand Kana of land. The developers have created, planned, and constructed the Society masterplan with a skilled team of experts. Those involved ranged from municipal architects and engineers to builders and executive management. New Metro City Gujar Khan Master

Residential Plots

Almost all are aware of the low prices and flexible payment options, and Pakistani citizens are more likely to purchase residential properties than corporate ones. As a result, the new housing society primarily features residential plots for sale. The developers have allotted different-sized residential properties to meet the requirements and expectations of the market. This investment opportunity attracts buyers because of the inexpensive pricing and the flexibility of making payments over time.
  • 3-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
The premium category involved the dwelling properties of
  • 8-Marla
  • 14-Marla

Commercial Plots

New Metro City Gujjar Khan commercial plots are like any other modern housing complex and have a convenient shopping district next to its residential buildings. So that residents may escape the stress of driving long distances to errands and social gatherings. In addition, the business district of Society offers an excellent opportunity for future inhabitants to start their enterprises and reap financial rewards. For this reason, the creators of this enterprise have made it their top priority to provide only the most lucrative investment alternatives to its customers.
  • 66-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla

New Metro City Block A Early Bird

The latest Society development is New Metro City Early Bird of Block A. To everyone's delight, the builders have delivered the whole block map just four months following the Balloting of the beautiful and latest block, thanks to the developers' diligent efforts. The map also includes details about this block's properties for the client's convenience. In addition, the NMC Gujar khan grand plan provides necessities for the comfort and convenience of its inhabitants. The magnificent Metro Canal is also a part of this block, adding to its aesthetic value. There are several minor bridges near Trafalgar Square and the Metro Canal. Furthermore, there are stunning and exquisite kanal residential homes in the prime position, just next to the commercial buildings. Property near the Society's Glow Park is the most promising bet due to its proximity to the Park and the residents. In addition, the builders have equipped this stunning Park with amenities such as kid-friendly attractions, restaurants, a relaxation area, and more.

Residential Properties

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 14-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Payment Plan of  New Metro City Gujar Khan

The developers have catered for all income levels in the New Metro City Gujar Khan payment plan. As a result, these investors may purchase their ideal home for two-year instalment plans, allowing them to invest in real estate for financial security.

NMC Gujar Khan Residential Payment Plan

  • The price of five marla assets is Rs 2,450,000/-. The deposit of Rs 450,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of twenty-four monthly instalments of Rs 30,400/- or two yearly instalments of Rs 390,000/-
  • The price of seven marla assets is Rs 3,250,000/-. The deposit of Rs 550,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of twenty-four monthly instalments of Rs 47,000/- or two yearly instalments of Rs 490,000/-
  • The price of ten marla assets is Rs 4,350,000/-. The deposit of Rs 750,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of twenty-four monthly instalments of Rs 59,500/- or two yearly instalments of Rs 690,000/-
  • The price of one kanal asset is Rs 7,850,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,050,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of twenty-four monthly instalments of Rs 130,400/- or two yearly instalments of Rs 1,190,000/-

NMC Gujar Khan Premium Residential Payment Plan

  • The price of eight marla assets is Rs 3,290,000/-. The deposit of Rs 490,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of twenty-four monthly instalments of Rs 46,250/-
  • The price of fourteen marla assets is Rs 5,290,000/-. The deposit of Rs 790,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of twenty-four monthly instalments of Rs 69,500/-

NMC Gujar Khan Commercial Payment Plan

  • The price of 2.66 marla assets is Rs 4,750,000/-. The deposit of Rs 950,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of thirty monthly instalments of Rs 59,000/-
  • The price of 5 marla assets is Rs 9,750,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,750,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of thirty monthly instalments of Rs 155,600/-
  • The price of 8 marla assets is Rs 16,750,000/-. The deposit of Rs 2,750,000/-. In addition to a feasible instalment of thirty monthly instalments of Rs 299,000/-

NMC Gujar Khan Block A Early-Bird  Residential Payment Plan

  • The pre-launched cost of five marla assets is Rs 1,990,000/-
  • The pre-launched cost of seven marla assets is Rs 2,790,000/-
  • The pre-launched cost of eight marla assets is Rs 3,290,000/- with a 5% per cent discount for overseas
  • The pre-launched cost of ten marla assets is Rs 3,790,000/-
  • The pre-launched cost of fourteen marla assets is Rs 5,290,000/-
  • The pre-launched price of one kanal asset is Rs 6,990,000/-

Salient Features

The real estate industry attributes much of a community's appreciation in value to the amenities and services it provides since these factors directly contribute to the satisfaction and enjoyment future inhabitants might expect from living there. Accordingly, it has prompted the builders of NMC Gujar Khan to include the following features in this new community
  • NMC Glow park
  • Franchise of famous Eateries
  • Rides & Multiple Play Areas
  • Head office of New Metro City
  • Root School & IVY College
  • Masjid-e-Rukhsana
  • Green Areas and Recreational Areas
  • NMC Hospital
  • Aesthetic Infrastructure
  • Miracle Garden
  • Cost-Effective
  • Constant Security
  • Graveyard
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant

Amenities of NMC Gujar Khan

Numerous amenities are available to residents of New Metro City Gujar Khan at very reasonable rates

Provision of Essentials

NMC Gujar Khan, just like many other highly developed civilizations, provides its residents with all of the necessary utilities for leading a fulfilling life, including the constant provision of power, fresh water, and gas every season. In addition to that, each of these amenities will be accessible at any time, day or night.

Rapid Development

NMC Gujar Khan's building phase is well underway, and the pace of work is ramping up significantly. It will have an effect on upcoming prices in the future. As a consequence of several essential alterations that will take place in the not-too-distant future, the property prices in this development will go up. Consequently, the present moment is the optimal time to invest funds into this Society to achieve significant gains quickly.

Modern Amenities

It's a residential neighbourhood, so customers have the added security that comes with having all the modern conveniences they want right at their fingertips. This Society is an attractive choice for anyone looking for a modern housing complex in Gujar Khan.

Feasible Instalment Plan

The developers have offered assets in various sizes, with affordable payment plans, flexible instalment options, and fair transfers to make them accessible to people of all income levels. It's another compelling argument in favour of Society. The builders have offered these plots on a first-come, first-served basis, and the prime spots go quickly.

Investment Opportunity

The investors can invest in the business or accommodation markets, which will be to their advantage in the long term. Investors can either sell the property and pocket the proceeds or rent it out and collect a stable income regularly. Putting money into developments of this kind will be worth it in the long run.  

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