New Metro City Kharian
New Metro City Karian is the most well-liked property development project, even though numerous new residential developments are also emerging in the same area. A proposed initiative in Sarai Alamgir is called the New Metro City Kharian. Additionally, one needs to be knowledgeable about Kharain, a well-known Tehsil in Pakistan's Punjab Province. Additionally, it is between the Chenab & Jhelum rivers and the mountain range peaks. In Sarai Alamgir, a significant population has settled. Once completed, the Society will be the finest dwelling community that complies with international standards. It has intended to be an elite gated community that delivers its inhabitants the highest amenities and stability combined with the latest cutting-edge conveniences and amenities.

Owners & Developers of  New Metro City Kharian

This opulent property development is the work of the BSM Builders. The  New Metro City Kharian developer is Mr Bilal Bashir Malik. To provide the foundation for a modern dwelling facility in Pakistan, the BSM Builders have successfully created various stunning projects, notably Gwadar Golf City. The d Developers will ensure lavish living in this property.

Location & Map of  New Metro City Kharian

In the region of Gujrat, the developers have perfectly placed this Society on the main GT Road connecting Sarai Alamgir and Kharian. Perhaps the GT route, which links many tehsils in the central and northern Punjab, is the most extensive road in the region, so its position is optimal. Additionally, there are several attractive contemporary features close by this community. New Metro City Mandi Bahuddin Location

How To Access

Because of the absence of modern infrastructure in the area, the property surrounded by the rivers of Chenab & Jhelum makes to be one of the most accessible sites for current housing projects. Society has accessibility from
  • Three minutes from Grand City Kharian
  • Four minutes from Golf Residencia Kharian
  • Five minutes from City Housing
  • Five minutes from Kharian City

Nearby Sites

The Society developers have developed it on G T road near Sarai Alamgir. There are many significant sites due to proximity to the G T road are near Society like
  • Army Public College & School
  • Golf City Kharian
  • Model Town
  • Jhelum City
  • Sarai Alamgir Train Station
  • Grand Marquee
  • Kharian City
  • River Golf Course

New Metro City Kharian NOC

Society falls under the jurisdiction of Sarai Alamgir municipal authority. The relevant authority has approved the New Metro City Kharian NOC. In addition, the builders have a reputation for developing secure and legal housing Societies all around the country. NOC

New Metro City Kharian Masterplan

The developers have put a lot of effort into developing Society's master plan. The Society launched on July 2019. The Society developers have already gotten clearance from the relevant authorities to begin the project. Society's s front area is five hundred feet on the main G T road, and the other is on the backside. Society developers try to put every luxury in Society, so the residents don't have to travel outside the community to cater for their needs. The Society has compromised of eight different block
  • General Block
  • Overseas Enclave Block
  • Overseas Supreme Block
  • Paradise Block
  • Eiffel Enclave
  • Metro Marina Block
  • Supreme Villa Block
  • Supreme Vista Premium Block
New Metro City Kharian Master Plan

General Block

It is the first Block of Society. In addition, the front gate of the block is on GT road. The General Block has further divided into sectors A, B, C and D. The NMC headquarters and guest houses are in this block. The block has all the modern amenities and conveniences. This neighborhood also houses the gatehouse and principal office of New Metro City. The General Enclave section includes ZAYD and Trafalgar Square, so citizens know to walk swiftly in any direction. This neighborhood also has Jamia Masjid-e-Bilal to make it easier for the locals to do religious activities. Bilal Villa modernizes the Kharian villa designs. The Society's avenues and sidewalks are well-carpeted to keep transportation flowing around every neighborhood. These big highways allow customers to move their automobiles efficiently and without backups. The developers have built this block first in this Society. Almost all the property units have developed in the block

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4-Marla
  • 6-Marla
  • 8-Marla

Overseas Enclave Block

This block is situated strategically on the right side, adjacent to the NMC Clock Tower, as people enter the foreign neighborhood. On the other opposite of this administrative building lies the Quran Revolving Square. As a result of this block's ideal placement in Society, it is of utmost significance. Therefore, the developers completed the cutting and levelling activity in this block as a top priority. The accomplishment of sewage construction and the installation of streetlights demonstrate the builders' commitment to this particular block. Therefore, both types of properties can potentially turn a profit.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 14-Marla

Overseas Supreme Block

The developers have finished developing New Metro City Kharian Overseas Supreme Block. The administration will start the process of balloting highways and street lighting after the worker has completed the sewerage work. The construction process has anticipated to finish in the following months since developers tirelessly work in this magnificent block. This spectacular block has every modern convenience, luring investors from abroad. Moreover, there is a neighborhood club where locals can socialize. Individuals will indeed be able to get to know one another and foster cooperation for improved communal living in this way. Therefore, it is a great effort to encourage community cooperation.

Residential Plots

  • 3-Marla
  • 12-Marla

Paradise Block

It is a wonderland to reside in for a beautiful future with all the essential modern amenities, as the name implies. Due to the affordable plot pricing in this block, purchasing a home or business plot is a quick and budget-friendly process. Thus, customers can buy a residential property for their dwelling or a business plot for a store, retail centre, or other business purposes. It's a tiny but lovely block in Society with all the amenities needed for residents to live comfortably in the modern world. As a result, you can get any service without leaving Society this block location on the left from the Overseas Block.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 6-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla

Eiffel Enclave

Eiffel Enclave is the latest stunning block in this contemporary Kharian dwelling Society. Furthermore, Supreme Vista Block surrounds NMC Eiffel Enclave. Therefore, outstanding amenities found in this modern building are distinctive from the Society's neighbouring blocks. As a result, developers have used Eiffel Enclave as a metaphor for Kharian's strong development efforts. In Society,  the Park Eiffel Tower is the most prominent location. It is also the largest Eiffel Tower Park in Pakistan, with a total area of seventy to eighty Kanal. Therefore, this striking skyscraper will come to symbolize Kharian society as well. Consequently, it is a great building block for people who wish to construct a magnificent home with a luxurious setting.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 14-Marla

Metro Marina Block

This remarkable block has referred to as Society's centre. For the benefit of the occupants, this community has highways that are forty feet wide. The neighbourhood will experience fabulous cuisine thanks to the presence of international fast-food chains in this block. Furthermore, the block is exceptionally close to the Society's schooling institutes. Therefore, the customers will have a chance to build residences near learning institutes. A block without such a place to have fun is considered vacant. As a result, each block in this lovely Society in Kharian must have a playground and recreational areas.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla

Commercial Plots

  • 5-Marla

Supreme Villa Block

Customers and investors can imagine themselves living in a stunning, contemporary villa. For this reason, the BSM developers have built this spectacular block next to Overseas Block in a superb position. Consequently, buyers can take advantage of the first-rate amenities offered in this villa neighbourhood. Additionally, the famous Glow Park is close to the villas so that both inhabitants may take advantage of the best entertainment available in the community. From the significant boulevard route, Supreme Villas Society has conveniently located. These villas are close to Quran Revolving Square and also the Overseas Supreme. This unique villa block provides a serene and eco-friendly setting for homeowners with decent amenities. The spectacular style and architecture of the villas inside this complex allow the occupants to live comfortably in the luxurious villas. The villa's ground level has a car porch, a family room, a beautiful kitchen, a bedroom, an open area with sky views, and a bathroom. 2 bedrooms with associated baths and a lobby are on the second floor. The first-floor balcony on the property adds to its attractiveness.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla

Supreme Vista Premium Block

Two blocks make up Supreme Vista Premium Block, which divides up the ample space for residential and commercial purposes. In addition, customers can acquire their plots in Supreme Vista Block's prime position at a fair price. Therefore, there are excellent investment opportunities for people to make money. The Society developers have divided this magnificent block into two blocks. Block A and Block B both have mosques and playgrounds for the locals to use. Therefore, people don't need to go far to perform their religious activities. Moreover, the occupants can enjoy drinks and snacks close to their homes thanks to the parks in these sub-blocks. This block offers a variety of plot sizes at reasonable costs to accommodate persons from varied socioeconomic classes. Therefore, now is the ideal opportunity to invest in the block to get a decent return on your money. As a result, plot rates are climbing every day.

Payment Plan of NMC Kharian

With a reasonable payment plan, this project delivers high international-grade conveniences for middle-class classes. However, that is no longer an issue because this development offers real estate at a reasonable price with a simple instalment plan. Customers may purchase the plots right once or choose the instalment plan with a monthly payment schedule of three years.

NMC Kharian General Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 1,900,000/-. The deposit is Rs 350,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 35,000/-
  • The 7-Marla plot rate is Rs 2,400,000/-. The deposit is Rs 450,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 44,166/-
  • The 10-Marla plot rate is Rs 3,200,000/-. The deposit is Rs 550,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 60,555/-
  • The 1-kanal plot rate is Rs 60,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 850,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 119,444/-

NMC Kharian General Block Commercial Payment Plans

  • The 4-Marla plot rate is Rs 6,800,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,650,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 11,600/-
  • The 6-Marla plot rate is Rs 9,800,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,950,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 175,500/-
  • The 8-Marla plot rate is Rs 13,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,550,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 236,100/-

NMC Kharian Overseas Enclave Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 1,955,000/-. The deposit is Rs 295,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 38,750/-
  • The 7-Marla plot rate is Rs 2,575,000/-. The deposit is Rs 395,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 50,200/-
  • The 10-Marla plot rate is Rs 3,450,000/-. The deposit is Rs 495,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 68,850/-
  • The 14-Marla plot rate is Rs 4,650,000/-. The deposit is Rs 595,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 95,700/-

NMC Kharian Overseas Supreme Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 3-Marla plot rate is Rs 1,400,000/-. The deposit is Rs 890,000/-. In addition, with twelve monthly instalments of Rs 30,800/-
  • The 12-Marla plot rate is Rs 5,650,000/-. The deposit is Rs 3,650,000/-. In addition, with twelve monthly instalments of Rs 95,800/-

NMC Kharian Paradise Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 4,250,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,850,000/-. In addition, with four quarterly instalments of Rs 600,000/-
  • The 6-Marla plot rate is Rs 4,850,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,150,000/-. In addition, with four quarterly instalments of Rs 675,000/-
  • The 7-Marla plot rate is Rs 5,450,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,450,000/-. In addition, with four quarterly instalments of Rs 750,000/-
  • The 10-Marla plot rate is Rs 6,950,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,950,000/-. In addition, with four quarterly instalments of Rs 1,00,000/-

NMC Kharian Eiffel Enclave Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 2,350,000/-. The down payment is Rs 250,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 25,500/-
  • The 7-Marla plot rate is Rs 3,290,000/-. The down payment is Rs 350,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 43,300/-
  • The 10-Marla plot rate is Rs 4,290,000/-. The down payment is Rs 490,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 61,600/-
  • The 14-Marla plot rate is Rs 5,790,000/-. The down payment is Rs 790,000/-. In addition, with thirty-six monthly instalments of Rs 86,600/-

NMC Kharian Metro Marina Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 2,290,000/-. The down payment is Rs 1,190,000/-. In addition, with twelve monthly instalments of Rs 41,600/-
  • The 7-Marla plot rate is Rs 3,350,000/-. The down payment is Rs 1,750,000/-. In addition, with twelve monthly instalments of Rs 66,600/-

NMC Kharian Metro Marina Block Commercial Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 10,750,000/-. The down payment is Rs 4,750,000/-. In addition, with twelve monthly instalments of Rs 166,600/-

NMC Kharian Supreme Villas Block Residential Payment Plans

  • The 5-Marla plot rate is Rs 7,290,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,990,000/-. In addition, with twelve monthly instalments of Rs 121,600/-

NMC Karian Amenities

Society is a popular destination for inhabitants and buyers because of the incredible amenities offered by the community. As a result, everyone living there can have a quiet life in a natural setting. The leadership's goal is to give abundant and cutting-edge amenities enabling inhabitants to live prosperous lives. However, people require a constant supply of essential services and clean, natural surroundings.

NMC Schooling Institutes

The NMC School, in its most beautiful Paradise Block 1, illustrates the cutting-edge schooling institutions in Kharian City. Every neighbourhood needs an academic institution because everyone in contemporary Society desires to purchase property near excellent educational institutions. The NMC School is accessible from every block by connecting roads and sidewalks and is close to both a business and dwelling neighbourhood. Anyone can receive a fundamental education without having to disengage from Society. For the sake of the community, the school follows global standards for learning.

Stunning Metro Canal

The developers have the idea of the importance of amusement in every community, especially when individuals cope with various anxieties. So, for the advantage of the people, NMC Kharian provides a top-notch amusement arcade to reduce their boredom. The canal vista amusement sector offers substantial space for people's amusement. Since Canal vista is visible from every block, they don't need to leave it to find entertainment. The consequence is that it has become the most well-known amenity in Society.


The developers have built this stunning Masjid at the centre of the green areas. The developers want to provide the most comfortable services to the worshipers in the Masjid. So there was a proper system of cooling and heating and provision of hot and cold water to facilitate the process of worship. Moreover, the architecture of the Masjid is aesthetic and has become the centre of attraction for everyone.

Remarkable Hill Park

Hills Park has situated in the Paradise Block and of triangle shape. As its name suggests, this park has hills to provide tourists with a scenic and ecologically friendly setting. People may enjoy the clean air without pollution thanks to the plants that line the park's perimeter. A water cascade is also there, and it contributes significantly to the park's beauty. The Hills park in the Paradise Block's neighbouring dwelling area offers outstanding availability to the occupants of various blocks, notably those of this block. Purchasing a site near the magnificent Paradise Hills Park allows you to access leisure within easy reach.

NMC Butterflies Garden

There is a spot for the lovely NMC butterfly garden close to Overseas Block. Shah-Deen Avenue is the best route to this garden, which is sixty feet wide. Additionally, a bridge connects the blocks and this wonderful garden. Therefore, customers have many options for accessing the park to enjoy it. The developers gave this magnificent garden in this lovely community the name "Butterfly Garden" since they intended to cultivate various plants to provide a cosy atmosphere for butterflies. The presence of butterflies not only enhances the ambience for guests but also encourages kids to take advantage of the beautiful setting of the garden.

NMC Kharian Hospital

Medical care is the most essential and fundamental service for the inhabitants of any civilization, notably NMC Kharian. Therefore, for the citizens of Society's sake, BSM builders are building a hospital with top-notch medical facilities. The NMC hospital has situated inside the Overseas Supreme Block, close to the Quran Revolving Square. As a result, the clinic is easily reachable at any of NMC Kharian's units. Moreover, the clinic will refurbish the healthcare centres in Kharian owing to its wonderful setting and excellent healthcare amenities with outstanding healthcare staff.

World-Best Restaurant Franchise

The Society has guaranteed outstanding food excellence in Kharianhas worldwide dining chain. Additionally, this city is home to this global chain restaurant's great and contemporary menu items. This food supply will feature a variety of worldwide food companies that will provide their respective clients with delicious meals that respond to individual needs. This outstanding fast food company features homes and business areas near its Metro Marina Block location. Therefore, locals and businesspeople can access this dining space to enjoy their preferred meal in a tranquil and environmentally friendly setting. Furthermore, inhabitants of neighbouring areas can easily order and eat high-quality meals from around the world.

Eiffel Tower Park

New Metro Tower's Eiffel Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Pakistan, stands as a testament to the superb job done by BSM builders in the accompanying Kharian housing complex. As a result, this tower also increases the significance of the block Eiffel Enclave in Mr Bilal Bashir Malik's outstanding concept. As a result, builders set aside seventy to eighty Kanals of land to create Kharian's largest and most advanced park. The area must have a sizable place to park for automobiles if people plan on coming here to relax and have fun. The car parking permits visitors to leave their automobiles in a designated spot so that people won't be distracted while enjoying the site.

BRT System

It's not like every Society has a BRT system to assist its citizens in handling their transportation issues. So do not worry; the wondrous thing is that the NMC BRT System is a fantastic resource for the people in Society. Using the rapid transit bus network, citizens can travel to any part of this community without transportation issues. Anyone can quickly and conveniently use the bus service from the community gate to go where they are going. The System is also better for avoiding noise and polluting the air.

NMC Kharian Features

The Society offers unique and amazing features at reasonable prices. The prominent features of Society are
  • Amusement Parks
  • Provision of Essentials
  • Top-Notch Security
  • Rapid Development
  • Overseas Club
  • Sports Clubs
  • Financial Square
  • Shopping Mall
  • Quran Revolving Square
  • World-Class Infrasture
  • Clock Tower

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